Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Administration)

Programme Duration

3 Years






  • ENTRANCE EXAM on Aptitude
  • IELTS 6 or higher
    (TOEFL 60-78, CEFR B2)
    *Can be exempted if
    primary language of
    qualifying examination
    is English

Fees per semester

16,500,000 Uzbekistan sums


Tourism has been identified as an important agent of economic development worldwide. The Republic of Uzbekistan has done several reforms in the field of Tourism in the recent past to harness the positive benefits for the country’s economy. Uzbekistan growing as an important tourism centre in Central Asia and government supporting tourism in all possible ways further makes tourism a bright area to pursue your career.

B.A. (Tourism Administration) program of Tourism is initiated keeping in view the growing importance of the Tourism & Industry in the country. The ever increasing growth of Tourism industry & its allied sectors is creating a demand for Tourism professionals to serve in the Industry. The Tourism education system has witnessed rapid progress in recent years to become one of largest in the world. The industry provides culture, heritage, sports, health and other leisure & business tourism. The growth of this sector is expected to rise with a fast pace in the coming years.

Learning outcome 1
Students shall be able to recognize the knowledge of travel products & design the services levels.

Learning outcome 2
Students shall be able to classify and interpret information precisely and accordingly react appropriately in customer handling

Learning outcome 3
Students shall be able to develop and demonstrate skills on hospitality technology application to get access various sources to endorse the decision making in travel related services.

Learning outcome 4
Students shall be able to recognize travel industry related problem, review and apply relevant problem solving methodology to formulate effective solutions.

Learning outcome 5
Students shall be able to demonstrate problem identification skills for conducting research in tourism, travel & allied sectors.

Learning outcome 6
Students shall be able to respond and solve all problems and queries with confidence and positive attitude as a team member or leader in travel industry.

Learning outcome 7
Students shall be able to demonstrates sensitivity to diverse cultural issue related to Travel and Tourism industry.

Learning outcome 8
Students shall be able to recognize travel & tourism industry related ethical and social practices, standard norms in their dealings with internal & external stakeholders.

Learning outcome 9
Students shall be able to apply the acquired knowledge & skills for getting in to employment, higher education or setting up own venture.

Learning outcome 10
Students shall be able to develop their interest in continual learning and update their knowledge in the dynamic travel sector.

Graduates can find career opportunities in travel companies as marketing professionals, tour and experience guides, relationship managers, Concierge, Event Coordinator, Guest Services Executive, Heritage Interpreter, Reservation Manager holiday consultants and in the hotel and services sectors too.